Bonjour! Under the immersive setting of Midnight in Paris, the IB Ball brought a flavor of history and culture along with an exposure to an expressive and interactive new challenge to the IB community, all while raising canned food and young adult books to donate in the process.

To many, the ballroom dancing practices were many students’ first introduction to dancing Foxtrot, Waltz, Salsa, and Swing. Mr. Taylor and Ms. Emory, the sponsors of the Westwood Ballroom Dancing club, graciously lent their immense talent (and I can’t stress that enough) to guide everyone through the basics (and not so basics) of ballroom dancing. After four practices, along with a lot of stepped-on toes, the IB community was ready to put their skills to the test.

The night was brisk. The company was elegantly dressed. The apple juice was abundant. Couples stepped out of their comfort zones and onto the dance floor. Students mixed and mingled to the rhythm of everything from Van Morrison to Beyonce. The photo booth saw the most classic and cheesy of poses in front of the beautiful Midnight in Paris mural created by the IB Ball Committee. The fun had so much gravity that even some IB graduates returned to partake. After a long night of dancing, people left with smiles on their faces and disheveled ties. The IB Ball gave the IB community a global, culturally relevant skill and a memory that will never fade. Everyone truly had a ball.

Link to photo albums: https://www.flickr.com/photos/imagesbyakash/albums

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