How do I get an IB Diploma?

The IB Diploma is based on a points scale taken from both IB Exams, Internal Assessments, and completion of the Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge course. Students must also complete the Creativity, Activity, Service component. 

IB Exams: Students are required to take 6 IB Exams over the Junior and Senior year.  Exams are taken in May. Exams are considered "Externally Assessed" because they are both developed and graded by IB Organization. 

Internal Assessments: In addition to IB Exams  student must complete Internal Assessments.  Internal Assessments are completed at WWHS during the school year, graded by WWHS IB teachers, and checked by external IB examiners. These assessments normally contribute between 20% and 30% of the total mark. 


Diploma Points: A minimum of 24 points are required for successful attaining the IB Diploma.  However, to receive the IB Diploma, students must also achieve a better than "Elementary" grade on either Extended Essay or in their Theory of Knowledge course. The maximum total Diploma Programme points score is 45.


Award of the Diploma: All assessment (Internal and External) components for each of the six subjects and the additional IB diploma requirements must be completed in order to qualify for the award of the IB diploma. The IB Diploma is an internationally recognized certificate that is worth 24 college credits in the State of Texas.