IB Prep Courses
We strongly encourage students coming to Westwood to begin their IB pathway in 9th grade by registering for IBPrep Human Geography Studies. We then ask that students take either AP US History for IB Students, or IB Prep US History in 10th grade. This set of courses develops the IB Approaches to Learning that prepares students for the Diploma Programme in 11th and 12th grades.
Students in IB Prep must also take a second language course to prepare them for the Language Acquisition requirement in the Diploma Programme. We strongly encourage Advanced English I and II, but can be flexible depending on the student's acquisition to the English language. Students have flexible options for Math and Science depending on their prior learning or interest. 

Chart Your Path

IB Course Planner Video

Please watch the video to learn about the 3 Part process that will help you create your course planner, a requirement for all 9-12th grade students in an IB course at Westwood.

Part 1: Know the Rules
The video explains the options through IB are flexible within a given set of rules established by the IB Organization. The rules are:

#1 - In the Junior and Senior year students must take one IB course from each of the six subject groups. The groups are represented on the IB Diploma Programme model below.


#2 - Of these six required courses in Junior and Senior year, at least three must be taken at Higher Level (HL) and at least two at Standard Level (SL). 

#3 - Theory of Knowledge must be taken in the spring in Junior and fall in Senior year. 


#4 - No more than two SL exams may be taken in the junior  year; all HL exams are in the Senior year. 

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Part 2: Know the IB Course Sequence 



Screen Shot 2020-10-01 at 10.51.42 AM.pn


Part 3: Chart Your Path
Download the IB four-year planning document  to chart your own path. With careful planning you can still have all the room for two or more electives all four years.
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